Highlight: A Season of Gratitude

Chad Mattson, the thoughtful lead singer of breakout CCM band Unspoken – describes their new release  as being born out of a season of gratitude. He explains how God has led the men of the band and their families into a season brimming with blessings. That joy and thankfulness comes through the music they have created.

He begins that story by pointing to where the men of Unspoken were for much of the last decade.

We never felt like we were necessarily in poverty, but that was the absolute truth. I think we made a thousand dollars a month for eleven years and so we had to figure out other ways to make money, and figure out other ways to make stuff happen.”

“But this last record helped us focus on the things that we were passionate about – which is ministry and our families. We’re down to one job, and we’re not rich by any means, but we’re making a living and grateful for it.”

This blessing of stability has extended into his own family life.

“This season is just a season where my wife and I will just hug in our kitchen, and just thank the Lord that I’ve got one job. I’ve got the time to be with my family. Because there was so much anxiety and different stuff going on in my life I was just worrying about my kids when I wasn’t home. All of these life lessons test our faith and make us stronger. They help us rely on the Lord more.”

Chad earnestly believes that the challenging times he and his bandmates endured brought them closer to their faith and helped them reach people all the more.

“This record still has that struggle because that’s part of life. I’m not a drug addict anymore, but man I want to be a better father – more patient and kind. There’s always a season of struggle, but there’s also been a lot of victory. So for those people out there who are in that season of struggle – the Lord is working, and the Lord is moving. We don’t see it, but by faith we believe that He’s going to pull us through and change things around.”

“So this was really a record about wonder. About faith to dream big – again tied in with the continual struggles of life. That’s what makes us so long for heaven – longing for the time where we just live in complete peace and and satisfaction in God’s presence.”

Chad Mattson is the lead singer of the band Unspoken. Their newest record, , debuts on August 26th.

On the Road with Chad Mattson

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