It’s easy to think that the musicians who so encourage us in our faith, craft the soundtrack to our worship, and perform before thousands of fans each night – well they surely must have it all together.

Yet, Chris August – the winner of multiple Dove awards & creator of chart topping songs – says that behind the dazzling lights of the concert stage, Christians artists are – in fact – human beings.

We set out on our latest trek On the Road with Chris, and discover how a frightening skateboarding injury, a battle with depression & a prayer for healing marked key points on a journey that transformed his walk with Jesus and lent an audible depth to his newest music – The Maker. You can skip to the full audio of our interview by heading to the bottom of the post. Otherwise, here are some fascinating highlights from Chris’ story first.

It was a combination of a young lady’s invitation, free pizza, and the words of a youth leader that drew Chris to faith as a teenager.

Highlight – Moving toward faith

Chris got involved in music full time as a young man, but it wasn’t until a moment at a skate park in Philadelphia, listening to a Passion worship CD, when he decided he wanted to dedicate his gifts to his faith.

Highlight: A moment of decision

After finding tremendous success on the CCM music charts and winning multiple Dove Awards, Chris found himself at another pivotal moment. Once again, the journey started with Chris on his skateboard.

Highlight: An injury and a diagnosis

As Chris continued to struggle with depression, he went on tour with fellow artists Big Daddy Weave. Each night after the music died down, the band would pray with anyone who came forward. Finally, Chris approached Big Daddy Weave’s lead singer Mike Weaver and an incredible experience unfolded.

Highlight: A prayer

And now here’s our full conversation with this good man. Chris reflects on the challenge of offering hope and encouragement night after night through his music while he was first battling depression; how the glory of a night sky factored once more into his latest album; how the journey of the last several years shaped this record; and much more.

On the Road with Chris August

This episode of On the Road was first aired on May 16th, 2015.

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