“Where joy is discovered, I believe that’s where God is too.”

We hear many stories of burnout in our culture. One of the things we can do to recover from one – or to guard ourselves against it – is to find what brings us joy.

Pastor Kai Nilsen experienced this years ago when he stepped into the role of senior pastor in the local church. He let the expectations of others drive his decisions, his schedule, and his free time. As a result he quickly drained of energy and lost his joy for his work. A visit to a spiritual counselor prompted him to search once again for renewed life. She asked him a penetrating question:

“What’s the stuff in your life that brings you joy? What feeds life in your soul?”

When we’re burned out, the best question to ask is, what brings you joy? When we’re experiencing joy, our heart is open to God’s movement. Take a moment for a spiritual inventory. How is your heart? How is your faith walk? When is the last time you experienced true joy in life?

“When you experience joy, you’re connecting with God. So what brings you joy?”

For Kai, it was spending time unplugged, away from his phone, walking through an art district in his hometown. He realized that for him, being renewed meant spending time admiring the creativity and space of others.

“It reminded me that you can do the things that you choose to do that are life-giving for you.”

Kai shares his experience and insights in his book, .

Key Scriptures: Philippians 2:12-13; Colossians 1:29; Acts 17:26-28; Genesis 1

Featured Songs: For Your Glory by Free Worship; Everything is Mine in You by Christy Nockels; Thank You by Bethel Music

Highlight : What brings you joy?

How to renew your life

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