Do you understand the religious beliefs of the candidate you’re voting for this election season? Stephen Mansfield, author of Ask the Question is calling Christians to demand religious clarity from their presidential candidates before they are in office.

According to Mansfield, religious beliefs have been pushed aside when it comes to understanding the worldview of presidential candidates. However, religion is one of the most important aspects of politics.

“If they get elected they’ll take their religion into office and that religion will be like an advisor standing over their shoulder influencing every decision they make.”

Stephen illustrates his point this way,

“If I ran for president and I said I want you to elect me president and there’s a guy over here off stage who’s going to influence everything I do but I’m not going to tell you who he is, just elect me and I’ll tell you more about him when I’m in office.”

When we don’t ask the tough questions, this is exactly what we do with religion.

“This faith will influence them, we need to understand what it is and not so much invade their prayer closet but certainly consider their political theology as we consider the rest of their worldview.”

Perhaps one of the most disturbing trends regarding the theology of presidential candidates is the obvious reversal of views.

For instance, Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill Clinton was the one who signed the Defense of Marriage Act which Hillary staunchly defended citing Bible verses. Since then, her position has changed.

“Recently she said ‘No, my faith led me to accept same-sex marriage.’ What is she talking about? When did she change?”

These are the questions that have to be answered because the answers are affecting public policy.

“We sort of go ‘Oh gee, that’s their faith, we don’t need to invade that area or ask tough questions,’ but to the extent that their faith impacts their politics we absolutely need to ask those questions.”

Highlight: Religious clarity in the presidential race

Religious clarity in the presidential race

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