Every tangle and insecurity we have is based in a lie or belief that is not reality.

Carey Scott, author of  , shares how we all have knots of insecurities. God has to untie the insecurities and tangled knots in our hearts.

For many of us one of the biggest insecurities is in our finances.

“My family is the poor family in the extended family. So my sister and her family, my parents, they all have much more money – their money tree grows better than ours. When we would go on vacation it would be very easy for them to pull out a credit card and pay for the entire group of us. It would not affect them or hurt their bottom line at all. If my family did that it would creep in on the other bills we had to pay.”

“I felt like I was the kid; it would make me feel like I wasn’t an adult, like I wasn’t successful, and it messed me up. We make a good living, but when you start comparing yourself and you get into situations where maybe you can’t keep up or you can’t do what they can do, sometimes the financial part of it makes you feel like you don’t measure up.”

Insecurity can affect our ministry, and the way we serve God.

“As my book released in June, I had a good friend whose book was releasing in July. I love this woman. She writes in the same field I’m writing about, and we support each other and we love each other. I remember watching our books start rivaling each other on Amazon on that the new release bestsellers list. All of a sudden my book dropped and her book shot to the top. That anxiety started coming up.Those charts changed every hour – but when I looked at it I was not in the position I wanted to be.

We all have these moments of comparison and insecurity in which we can choose insecurity or blessing. In order to combat it we have to see the insecurity and doubt and take it to God.

“Instead of wishing the worst, instead of feeling like my book wasn’t as good as her book, I started blessing her. I said, ‘Father God, thank You for my friend’s book and thank You for the message that she has, and the people that she’s reaching. I ask You to bless her and her ministry.It lost its power because I decided to bless instead of allow that situation to make me feel worthless.”

Key Scriptures: Psalm 46:10

Featured Songs: Faithful Still by Mark Alan/Emmanuel Live; No Longer Slaves by Bethel Music; The Maker by Chris August

Highlight : Insecurity in finances and ministry

The process of untangling yourself

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