Prayer effects change in the lives of those prayed for as well as those who are calling out their prayers. Sally Burke, President of Moms in Prayer International, seeks to teach and encourage moms to become prayer warriors. Her vision is for mothers to join hands in prayer all over the world.

“My call to the women right now, is join us. More women for every school so every child can be prayed for.”

“Can you imagine a generation that is impacted through prayer? A generation that can stand up courageously and unshaken and impact their world and our world for Christ.  That’s what I’m calling out to, that’s what I want women to come join.”

Sally has a bold promise for all mothers willing to join.

“I promise that the women who join, their lives will never be the same. They will be changed forever and touched by the hand of God. It just takes one hour, once a week, that’s all it takes but God will forever move in them and through them and their prayers will last into eternity. Long after they go to heaven their prayers will still be answered.”

We have a very real enemy who seeks to kill and destroy but we are the strongest against the enemy when we are on our knees in prayer. Satan can’t stop a prayer that’s been prayed, but he can discourage us from praying. He would rather we fret, worry and strive in business than to fall on our knees.

“The weakest saint will always defeat the enemy in prayer. The greatest tool that the enemy has is to get a saint not to pray, to get a Christian not to pray.”

Our prayers are stronger together than alone, and the encouragement we can offer one another in and through prayer will defeat the discouragement that seems to surround our lives.

“To come together in unified prayer is incredible. There are days when I come a little discouraged because you are seeing what is happening out there and then this other mom comes and lifts up my arm and she is full of courage and that blesses me.”

“We are not to battle alone; we have the Lord and we have one another. We need to come together and encourage one another.”

Sally Burke is the President of Moms in Prayers International. In her leisure time, you’ll find her curled up with a good book or enjoying the company of friends.

Moms in Prayer International

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