Highlight: Is it okay to doubt?

What do you wrestle with in your faith? Many Christians believe the lie that doubt is shameful. However, Pastor Rhys Stenner explains that not all doubt is created equal. There is the doubt of unbelief and the doubt of faith. Pastor Rhys explains the difference.

“There’s the doubt that doesn’t really want to know the answer. You get that sense when you attempt to answer the question, the answer doesn’t really want to be heard.”

“Then, there’s the doubts of the faith where I really want to know the answer here. When we have those genuine doubts if we want to know the answer, we’ll see the question through.”

The doubt of faith can actually be healthy, causing our faith to grow stronger. Pastor Rhys references a famous doubter Thomas, one of Jesus disciples, who is known for his wrestling with faith.

“It’s a little unfair that we call him Doubting Thomas because he really only had a week of doubting. Yet the rest of his life he’s strong for Christ.”

“Thomas is a man who ends up dying for his faith while planting the churches in India. Yet we call him Doubting Thomas, even though he spent most of his life telling people Christ.”

Thomas is proof that those who doubt God’s promises can overcome their doubt and be used mightily by God. Even though doubt of unbelief is not a bad thing, we don’t want to linger there long. We can only grow from doubt when we actively work to find understanding, and move away from those doubts.

“Whatever kind of doubts you have, when the train comes, when the answer comes, get on the train. That’s actually a much more enjoyable and positive place to be than in the waiting room of doubt.”

Pastor Rhys Stenner is the senior pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, with two locations in the South Metro Atlanta area. New Hope is noted as one of the more diverse churches in Atlanta, with a strong teaching ministry on radio and podcast.

Key Scripture: Psalm 40

Featured Songs: Move – Toby Mac; The Lion and the Lamb – Leeland (on Bethel Music album); Take Another Step – Steven Curtis

If in doubt

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