Highlight – The miracle of recovery

Recovery from addiction can be attributed to many influencing factors. Many specifically point counseling or the 12 step program as the catalyst for recovery. But what is the role of a miracle of God? George reflects on the role of God and a miracle in recovery.

“I think we leave that out a lot. Let’s say your kid is using and you’re taking him to counseling and everything, how about praying for him because you need a miracle here?”

“Nobody gets sober unless it’s a miracle.”

“I think we negate that because they went to treatment, and they’re doing the steps, which came from the Bible, which God spoke. That’s God’s word, so it is truth. How about we need a miracle here?”

Therapy alone is not going to work, we all need God to live an abundant life. That is only possible when we have yielded to God. Dr. Todd Mulliken emphasises the importance of yielding to the spirit in the process of recovery.

“When they bring the spirit of truth in, and rely on the Holy Spirit for their discernment, for their judgment, for their choices, you see more integrity, more genuineness. That’s an important piece.”

Without discounting counseling or therapy, George reiterates the importance of prayer and acknowledging that God is the one who changes and saves.

“If I’m really looking at step one, I need a miracle here. I think whenever anybody gets medallion at a recovery meeting and somebody says, ‘How did you do it, Steve?‘ I want to go, ‘Steve didn’t do anything here. God did it, and then Steve went along with it because God changed his heart.’

We need to pray for those who are in need of recovery and those embarking on the journey of recovery. None of it happens without God’s sovereign intervention. God give us tools and people that can help, because in the end it is all God. As Todd puts it,

“We’re just a helpful piece of the story.”

Todd Mulliken, MS, LPCC is a counselor, author, and speaker on marriage and families.

The miracle of recovery

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