Highlight: Marriage warfare

The enemy wants to destroy the biblical design for marriage, but God provides a way for us to protect it. Dr. Tony Evans refers to the book of Genesis, where Satan’s plan to destroy God’s purpose for marriage first began.

“Satan didn’t show up to Adam when he was single, he waited until he got married and then he showed up. He was up to something bigger than destroying a life, he wanted to destroy God’s plan.”

“God’s plan was that the husband and wife, together, would replicate His image; would replicate it through not only their relationship, but through their offspring. Then they would rule on God’s behalf.”

The enemy wants to destroy our understanding of marriage and God’s divine purposes for His creation. Dr. Evans describes a few tactics that the enemy uses against marriage,

“He’s going to oppose it by getting men and women off of their divinely designed roles. He will flip roles so that people are not fulfilling what they are supposed to do. He will create conflict in relationships, like he did with Adam and Eve. He will redefine the relationship as we have seen it happen today in the redefinition of marriage and family.”

“He comes at it in a bunch of different ways, but it’s all with the same goal and that is destroying the kingdom plan of God, that was to be established the establishment of family based on the proper understanding of marriage.”

The way society understands marriage today is, if two people love each other than that should be enough. Dr. Evans argues that love all by itself is not enough to sustain a marriage.

“We obviously see that that is not enough given what we’re seeing with marriages today. Love is important, but love has to be married to God’s purpose. We want the pleasure of the relationship of love, but that cannot be disconnected from God’s purpose. God’s purpose is His rule.”

We need to stay connected to God’s principles for marriage in order to fulfill His loving, lasting purposes for them.

“When you disconnect the emotion of love from rule of God, you wind up with something other than what God had in mind – less than what God had in mind – and something that will not sustain you when the sentiments, feelings and emotions of love leave.”

Dr. Tony Evans is one of the country’s most respected leaders in evangelical circles. As a pastor, teacher, author and speaker, he serves the body of Christ through his unique ability to communicate complex theological truths through simple, yet profound, illustrations.

Kingdom Marriage

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