Highlight: Managing the noise of our world

“Our world is so chaotic, violent, and angry. It’s like we wake up every day and there’s a new crisis.”

How can we find peace in the midst of what seems like never ending tragedies? Boyd Bailey says that more than ever before, he feels like he has to take a step back.

“It’s like my soul has to take a deep breath. Otherwise if I don’t inhale the Holy Spirit and exhale worry, inhale God’s peace and exhale anxiety, if I don’t allow my soul to take a deep breath then I’m frantic spiritually.”

Boyd understands that when he is living a frantic lifestyle, it affects him on the inside.

“What I’m learning is I need silence in my life to manage the noise. Otherwise the noise manages me. Peace is an outcome and fruit of getting quiet before the Lord.”

Throughout His life Jesus showed us through example how we can leave in peace in the midst of the storm.  Boyd points specifically to Matthew 8:23-27 when the disciples and Jesus were on a boat during storm.

“There’s Jesus, taking a cat nap. The disciples are like Lord, do something.

When the storm is raging around your boat, do you question what He is doing?

“The Lord is wanting us to continue to grow in our trust in Him and to get quiet before Him so that we can see that He is in control, that we can receive His peace through this through these quiet retreats, and the daily quietness in our life.”

How do we find that peace?

“Once we’ve experienced peace with God through our initial salvation, then we have the capacity to experience the peace of God in our daily walk with him. It’s much better to be in the boat on the water in the storm with Jesus then be on the shore around the warm far without Jesus.”

In order to find peace, we have to be with Jesus.

“I have to remind myself, the fruit is at the end of the limb, and at the limb is where Jesus. So let’s keep allowing him to stretch us to trust him more and more in our daily walk.”

Boyd Bailey is the founder of Wisdom Hunters, Inc., an Atlanta-based ministry created to encourage Christians to apply God’s unchanging Truth in a changing world. By God’s grace, Boyd has impacted wisdom hunters in over 86 countries across the globe through the Wisdom Hunters series.

Key Scripture: Psalm 1

Featured Songs: Thy Will – Hillary Scott; The God I Know – Love & the Outcome; Faithful to the End – Bethel Music

Finding peace in the Psalms

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