Jesus, though fully God, allowed others to come to Him, ask questions of Him, and ultimately beat and kill Him without losing any of His deity or power.

In humility, Jesus took up His cross with humility and asks the same of us.

Randy Frazee points out that just trying to be more humble is not going to work. We can’t work hard to be humble because our own fleshly efforts won’t produce fruit that lasts.

“The answer is not by simply trying to be more humble but rather going back to a belief that is ultimately keeping me from being humble.”

Ask yourself – what belief about your identity is keeping you from being humble?

“A person who brags, brags because their identity comes from other people who give them accolades for what they just bragged about.”

“A person who knows who they are in Christ is free from bragging and is free to ministering to the other person because they already know who they are in Christ.”

When we can trace our shortcomings back to a specific belief and measure that belief against the Word of God, we can find the false belief in our thinking and correct it to change our behavior.

The journey to understanding humility was very eye-opening for Randy and it forced him to deal with some challenging questions.

“Do I actually believe who I am in Christ? I understand the idea. But do I really believe it? I lived a performance based reality not position-based. And as I went deeper and deeper into that through the spiritual practices of acting like Jesus, little by little I saw evidences in my life of humility emerging.”

Key Scriptures: Mark 9:23-24; Proverbs 23:7

Featured Songs: Good, Good Father by Chris Tomlin; Light a Fire by Emmanuel Live; Through All of It by Colton Dixon

Highlight : Thinking your way to humility

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