Forgive me if you’ve heard me say this one too many times, but it bears repeating: God’s will for you is your best-case-scenario! When we truly get a hold of the idea that we are absolute treasures to God and that He created each of us with a distinct and divine purpose, suddenly then, life becomes an exciting adventure.

Every battle we face is a winnable one, because we are fully equipped by God Himself. Every endeavor is a doable one, because He won’t call us to an impossible task without offering miraculous assistance. Every sacrifice is an honor and a privilege because we follow our Shepherd’s lead and know that’s impossible to out-give such a generous-loving Savior.

We have every reason to trust Him!

No matter where your story is at right now – even if you don’t like the particular chapter you’re living at the moment – trust Him. He is good and He is unfolding His incredible plan for you right before your eyes.

Don’t live vicariously through someone else’s story. Their story would only be a counterfeit to yours. Bless them, pray for them, but hold close the promise of God’s plan for your life. The more inclined you are to put your bucket out and prepare for rain – the less inclined you’ll be to look over the fence at someone else’s field.

God wants to bless you. He wants to use you. He wants to pour Himself out on you. Open your eyes, your mouth, hold up your hands, and trust Him. He’s doing on new thing on your behalf. Even today.

Walk in faith!

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  • Susie,

    Great Show! I cherish the conversation we had earlier today about God writing our stories. There are days where the “facts” look so contrary to what we want them too, or think they should. Yet, the Holy Spirit bears witness to “Truth” not “fact.”

    You have helped to teach me that God is trustworthy in the entirety of the process in each season and each step of the way.

    For so long I told God I was giving Him the pen to write my story. I really thought I was doing a good job in the “surrender” of it all, until I realized that I had handed Him the pen to write the characters, but I was still interested in writing the story line.

    He writes stories with all the write elements! Good stories have ups and downs. Sometimes they have hurt and betrayal followed by redemption and restoration. Sometimes they take strange twists that make no sense in the current scene…but then by the end of the story, we look back and say…”oohhh – THAT’S why that happened. I get it!”

    You are so right Susie, the story that God is capable of writing will not disappoint. He knows all and sees the beginning from the end and knows what it will take to turn the story into a testimony that will touch and reach many more than we even image.

    Thanks for this show!

    -Stephanie Kay

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