When the topic of abortion comes up there tends to be a lot of “but what if…” questions.

But what if the pregnancy is because of a rape?
But what if the parents can’t support the baby?
But what if the mother wants to stay in school?

Kim Ketola offers answers and support to these tough questions.  Another difficult question that can come up is what if it’s a high risk pregnancy that could kill the mother if she keeps her baby?

This question in particular actually really helps to show that the interests of the mother and unborn child are actually the same. It’s not a choice of whose rights matter more in this situation; both of the lives matter and there is a key difference in this situation.

“We know that abortion is the intentional killing of an unborn human life, and we know that it is wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being and therefore abortion is wrong, but if we go in to try to help the woman [with the high risk pregnancy] and an unfortunate effect of that treatment is that the child will die, that is not what we’re talking about with elect abortion.”

We’re not intentionally going in to solve the problem of the woman’s health by killing the baby in the case of a high-risk pregnancy. What we’re doing is taking a measure to save the mother’s life, and unfortunate effect may be that the child will die.

“And you know sometimes when those procedures happen the child doesn’t die; sometimes the child survives… sometimes the doctors are wrong, sometimes the physicians get that wrong, and the child’s life is able to be spared. And the point here is to leave room for God to make these decisions because when we do that it becomes so much easier to handle the grief and loss if the child dies.”

We know that we have a good God whom we can trust, and we can always leave that decision in His hands and trust him to comfort us.

“When there is a prenatal diagnosis that’s poor or that a woman hears that the pregnancy is incompatible with life, often times it’s a very wanted pregnancy and it’s a very advanced stage… and I understand that women who want their children will make these decisions based on medical advice, but there are also stories out there, and these are the stories that I want you to focus on and these are the stories that I want to encourage you about, of people who get a diagnosis and they say, ‘Even so Lord come. Whatever you have for us we will receive it with an open hand.’”

These encouraging stories show us that God is faithful even through the bad, and that no matter what He will guide us and only do what is for our ultimate good.

Highlight: Leaving room for God

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