As Christians, it’s our responsibility to engage in the work of discipleship, yet many of us avoid doing it because we don’t know where to start.

“We have responsibility to take the words of Jesus and feed people. That’s how I look at it, I feel like I’m feeding someone.”

Dana Yeakley, author of  , shares how discipleship starts by reading the Word of God, applying it directly to our lives, and then sharing it with others.

“Go through the book of Mark and look at the life of Jesus and the lessons and teachings He gave His disciples throughout. Then to say to ourselves, ‘We certainly are going to turn two little fish and some bread into feeding a few thousands out of it, but in reality the Word of God is compared to bread.”

What does discipleship look like when working through your own struggles, specifically marital struggles?

We need to use discernment while sharing our hearts.

“We need to be sensitive to the person that we’re sharing this with and how much they can handle. Again, that is the part of the gentle art. We do want to present ourselves, not as perfect women because we’re not perfect, but we do want to present ourselves as women who are growing.”

She shares a personal example,

“When Tom and I have maybe had an argument the morning or a big discussion and things just aren’t settled yet, if it applies, I need to be real about that. She doesn’t need to know every detail or every little piece of anguish that is in my heart, but I can allude to that and in a way other women are encouraged.”

As the Spirit leads us to discipleship, we are reminded that authenticity is an important posture to take. 

“Being real opens the pathway to journey; we’re all on a journey, we’re all on the path to maturity and sometimes we blow it…we just need to be aware of how much we share.”

Highlight: Authenticity

Leading others to Christ

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