Highlight: Is your college student an overcomer?

Your student has the high school diploma, dorm assignment and the freshman confidence, but will their faith overcome the pressures of a college campus?

According to David Wheaton, college students who know Scripture and fall back on what is written in Scripture will cling to their faith during the college experience.

“That’s such a powerful part of being an overcomer on campus for students going off to college, everything is going to be pushing back against what they’ve been taught in a Christian home growing up.”

Jesus Christ, who has the mind of God, quoted Scripture to make decisions. We need to raise students who do the same.

“Let it be said about us that we are people who say ‘it is written’ when we face our choices on a daily basis. We need to go on it is written rather than what we feel, what we think, or what our culture says.”

In order to be an overcomer, students must continually be saying it is written when making decisions. As parents it is important to encourage and provide opportunities to know and understand the message of truth.

“To say, ‘it is written,’ we need to know what is written. That’s why I talk about not only raising your academic GPA, but also raising your spiritual GPA.”

According to David, the most important relationship you can have in college is with God.

“The first one is interacting with God on a daily basis through reading His Word and prayer. If it’s a daily part of your life you can say ‘it is written’ because you know what is written.”

When the Word of God abides in the hearts of college students, they will be better equipped to make Christ-honoring decisions in their life.

David Wheaton is an author, radio host, and former professional tennis player. David’s first book,  reached as high as #25 on Amazon.com. David is also the host of The Christian Worldview, a weekly, nationally-syndicated radio program that airs on 150 stations and a contributing columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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