Highlight: Is my dream from God?

We all have dreams and goals. We all have aspirations we would like to accomplish during our time on earth. However, it’s not just about what we want, it’s about what God wants too. How do you know if a dream is from God?

David White, producer of God’s Not Dead, says that your dream might be God-ordained if it’s bigger than you.

“When we’re kids we have these big dreams. What happens is by the time we become adults they get chopped down to these very small manageable proportions. Why? Well, we tell ourselves because we don’t want to be disappointed, or we tell our kids we don’t want you to be disappointed.”

Sometimes we’re cynical and we consider big dreams to be not worth investing in because of the potential disappointment of not being able to reach them.

“Just go with something that’s easy and that you can accomplish. I think it’s the opposite of what we should be doing, we should be setting our goals higher, not lower because our God is truly the author of bigness.”

God called David and his film crew to set their goals higher when they created and released the film God’s Not Dead.

“We could not find the help we needed from anyone, and God finally brought in that last bit of money.  We almost mortgaged our company basically to release this movie and the weekend that it came out, all of the sudden it broke all these records and everybody was calling us from Entertainment Tonight Access Hollywood, every news place on the planet, and they all had the same question for me, what is the secret to your success?”

David says the secret of his success is also the secret to the success of us all.

“I finally let go of what I wanted for myself, and I said, Lord you take my life. You do with it what you will.”

David A.R. White is a storyteller by nature. While he tells many stories through his acting, producing and filmmaking, a greater story encompasses them all: the calling of God on each of our lives.

Between Heaven and Hollywood