Do you have kids that are reaching the age of puberty and now you’re wondering if you should talk to them about it? According to Danny Huerta of Focus on the Family, you should.

“Puberty is a huge one, the hormones are definitely flowing, there’s a lot more interest now towards the opposite sex, there’s also just mood shifts that are happening and for kids, their sleep awake time as well because the melatonin doesn’t hit until around 1:00 am.”

Going through puberty can be very intimidating for kids if their parents do not help them understand what to expect from these changes.

“The puberty piece in the locker rooms and the talk that goes on with kids can be very intimidating for kids if there hasn’t been any intentionality in the sexual development talks between the parents and the kids.”

Danny recommends that all parents take the time to talk to their kids about what they can expect when they begin to experience puberty.

“Through media, kids get a lot of language and teaching regarding sexuality. As parents, we have to be intentional and help kids understand the changes that are happening in their body.”

If parents don’t teach their children about healthy, Biblical sexuality, they will learn from the secular culture around them. As parents, we must reach out to our kids; we can’t wait for them to come to us.

“There are a lot of questions they may not ask, so parents taking the intentional weekend, or evening to talk through this and then beyond that a continual mentoring through the growth sexually.”

Often, these important conversations won’t happen spontaneously.

“Schedule time to be together to have intentional moments, have time to focus together, engage with your kids, take time to celebrate the moments that are successful because there are plenty that won’t be.”

It is also important for couples and families to take time to recharge.

“That’s a discipline to know how to rest that God’s given us to do. He said, “Be still and know that I am God,” sometimes we have to just be still.”

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Middle school kids and puberty

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