Often those who have been abused ask, ‘Is it my fault?’

For years pastor and author Justin Holcomb has been speaking up for victims of sexual abuse—a reality for one in four women in America. He elaborates on the lies that many victims believe and replaces it with biblical truth.

Justin explains that victims don’t always believe that a loving God is on their side.

“When someone suffers abuse, one of the biggest distortions is to think that God is doing some type of ‘karma thing,’ that God is getting them back, God is upset at them, etc. They think the very God who is the One who has compassion and mercy, is the one who many people who have suffered think is actually against them.”

Often times, victims of sexual abuse have a distorted identity. Justin shares examples of the voice of condemnation:

‘I am damaged goods.’
‘I’m stupid.’
‘I’m deserving of being alone.’
‘That should have happened to me.’
‘I’m disgusting.’
‘I’m filthy.’
‘It’s my fault.’

“The person that is harming you is either saying these or communicating these by their actions.”

We need to know what God says about us to find our true identity. 

“These are words straight from the bible applied directly to God’s people; ‘pure, righteous, without spot, blemish or wrinkle, Child of God.’

All of the things that the bible says about those who are in Christ are true of us because they were first true about Jesus Christ. We are called what Jesus was and if we are in Him that’s given to us…that is our identity.

God says, ‘You are my child. I am your God. If you are in Christ I don’t see you as distorted and filthy, I see you as pure and righteous; without spot, blemish or wrinkle. You are holy.’ These are words that Scripture uses as attributed or imputed to us because we’re in Christ. We are declared all of these things.”

Hope and healing can be found by seeing ourselves the way that God sees us. If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence or sexual abuse, Justin shares tips for Making A Safety Plan.

Justin Holcomb is the author of several books including,   and .

Highlight: Our identity in Christ

The harsh reality of abuse

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