Highlight: A grandparent's blessing

Grandparents play a profoundly influential role in giving their grandchildren the gift of a blessing. The Thanksgiving table provides an opportunity to give your grandchild a blessing.

“This Thanksgiving, besides passing the turkey, pass out a blessing.”

Dr. John Trent makes a point to incorporate thanksgiving, prayer and commitment in each blessings, approximately 3 sentences in length.


The first sentence is a reflection of your grandchild’s God-given character traits. In what ways are they unique and special to you? Dr. Trent shares a practical example,

‘Lord, thank you for Elizabeth; for what a wonderful granddaughter she is, and for the energy and vibrancy that you’ve put into her life.’


The second sentence includes a prayer.  Pray that God will use their character traits to benefit others and reveal His glory. Blessings always project a special future. Dr. Trent expands on Elizabeth’s blessing,

‘Lord, her grandmother and I pray that You would use that energy that Elizabeth has to do great things for You and to help other people.’


The third sentence requires commitment from the one sharing it. Dr. Trent reminds us that we need to be committed to walk alongside our grandchildren and pray for them on a daily basis.

‘Lord, help Elizabeth that now on this day and each day forward that we will pray and encourage and bless her and be there for her and she will always have our blessing.’

With just a few sentences, we can do our part by giving our grandchildren the gift of a blessing that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

John Trent, PhD, serves as the Gary Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry and Therapy at Moody Theological Seminary. Dr. Trent also serves as president and Founder of StrongFamilies.com and the Center for StrongFamilies. In addition to his focus on counseling, John is a sought after teacher, speaker, author, and frequent guest on radio and television programs.

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