You may not recognize his name, but you probably have heard of his pillows.

In 1982 Mike Lindell started using cocaine. For the next 10 years he was severely abusing substances. However God changed his life and today Mike is the CEO of MyPillow.

God has worked in Mike’s life through many means to spread His love and grace to others. Mike shares a couple stories of how God’s hand has been in his life. One such instance was caused by internal betrayal in the MyPillow company. There was nothing left and Mike needed to convince a group of complete strangers to invest $30,000 in him the same day he met them.

“Just going in with a T. shirt on and I told them I was a former crack addict. One guy says, ‘Well, when did you quit crack?’ and I said, ‘Last Thursday’. I walked out of there with the money. That was all God.”

Mike was passionate in his pitch about his company, but without God it’s hard to see how that could have worked.

Another story he shares happened about a month and a half later when he went to his church’s treatment center.

“I walked in and I told the guy running it I said, ‘I want to come here, I’m free from all these addictions, but I want to learn. I’m going to be helping a lot of addicts down the road, in the future, and I want to learn.'”

Mike did go to the treatment center, and he learned a lot about addictions, where they stem from, and that through it all what’s needed is God.

“You need God to get through that, and you need him to stay clean.”

Highlight – Going from addict to CEO

Going from addict to CEO