“The basis of freedom is actually the Scriptures. And we who follow Jesus should be the people demonstrating the deepest highest view of freedom in our own lives, and then pointing out how others can know this too.”

Social commentator Os Guinness says culture is shifting, but we can still influence it as believers who shine the light. Our country was built with a foundation of Judeo-Christian values with a unique perspective on freedom – true freedom being the freedom to do what we ought, instead of the freedom to do what we want. If we live out the reality of that perspective, we can return America to a land of true freedom. He explains in his book A Free People’s Suicide.

What does that look like practically?

Susie describes a response from her husband Kevin. In recent months, the government passed a policy that ran counter to biblical values, and Susie was battling discouragement at the news. Kevin said simply,

“Everywhere we look, it’s cause to despair. But I’m going to be a man who loves my wife, loves my kids, goes to work on time, works hard, pays my taxes, tithes to my church… I’m going to do the things I know God wants me to do. I have to.”

Kevin’s perspective is one we all should share. Our lives of public service and love are going to speak louder than our fear-mongering. Os also reminds us that things are not as dire as they seem – believers are not outnumbered in this country.

“Remember, we’re a huge majority. Why is it the tiny groups, less than 2% of Americans, have more cultural influence than Christians, far more than seventy percent of Americans?”

Our light is going to come from our faithfulness. Consider the prophet Samuel, who warned the nation of Israel against choosing a king instead of letting Yahweh lead them. He warned them of the consequences but stayed faithful to his call, being faithful to God. The nation fell quickly, but God continued to use Samuel to be a prophetic voice. The same can be true of America, and things can shift quickly.

“We’ve got to be a prophetic counter-culture, living differently ourselves, and calling people back to a better way. And believe me, the differences are going to be apparent very, very soon.”

Key Scriptures: Luke 5:4-5; Galatians 5:1; Matthew 5:43-45

Featured Songs: Awake Our Souls by Tim Timmons; Awaken Us by Chris Tomlin; Glorious Unfolding by Steven Curtis Chapman

Highlight : The prophetic Christian voice of freedom

A Free People’s Suicide