“It brings me peace to know that this isn’t the way it was intended. And one day, good-byes will be no more; mourning will be no more.”

We all wrestle with fear – fear of failure, fear of pain, fear of the opinions of others. But what about the fear of death? When we’ve lost someone close to us, we can wrestle with learning to love again because we might lose them.

Trillia Newbell knows what it is to face death. In her book , she shares how God met her and gave her strength after miscarriages, as well as the death of her father and sister. God’s presence and power brought her a deep sense of peace.

“What brings me hope isn’t necessarily that we’re going to meet again in heaven, but that there is a heaven.”

One day soon, God is going to wipe away every tear from our eyes. Every loss, every tragedy, every death of every kind in our life will be redeemed and turned new. God’s promise to redeem our pain is what can sustain us, because that’s what God did for His Son. When Jesus died on the cross, the deepest tragedy in the history of creation resulted in the salvation of millions.

God is exercising that same power in our own situations. He doesn’t promise that we’ll be free from pain; in fact, He promises that we’ll experience much of it. But when those we love are taken from us, we can trust that God is working in our pain and present in our sorrow.

“That is hope that I long for. I long for heaven. I know that it’s right near me and I know that one day, all of this will end.”

It can be hard to imagine a perfect heaven when we look at the pain in the world today – but as Trillia reminds us, this is not God’s perfect world.

“Death is not the way God intended it. When He created the world, all was beautiful. But the Fall ushered in this yucky thing that Adam would return to dust, and we will all be there with him.”

Even so, one day it won’t be this way. That can bring us hope and overcome our fear.

Key Scriptures: Ephesians 2:8-9; Isaiah 41:10

Featured Songs: Trust in You by Lauren Daigle; Overcomer by Mandisa; Greater is He by Blanca

Highlight : Overcoming the fear of death

Fear and faith

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