Does your life have rhythm, or does it feel clunky and unorganized? Greg Sarratt discusses the importance of finding a sustainable rhythm for your life and ministry.

In 1 Corinthians 11:1 Paul implores his readers to follow his example as he follows the example of Christ.

“That Scripture has motivated and haunted me. Do I have the life that anybody would want to follow?”

According to Greg, one of the best ways to establish a healthy rhythm is making Sabbath rest a priority.

“Every week, it’s not a day off; a Sabbath is unto the Lord. We look forward to it, we celebrate it.”

Taking a Sabbath doesn’t have to be Sunday, especially for pastors who are busy on Sunday.

“Mine is on Friday, on Thursday afternoon I start getting excited, you know, tomorrow is a church-free zone.”

Taking a whole day off and calling it a “church-free zone” might seem harsh, however, Greg says that it is important to stand up for taking a Sabbath rest to focus on the Lord.

“I’ve got a whole family in ministry there and so we’ve got to guard and protect that because they’ll want to slide right into talking about what we do.”

During their Sabbath, Greg and his family don’t even talk about their work in the church.

“If we’re going to be here in the long haul, you know we’ve got to honor God with this and so weekly Sabbath.”

Life isn’t a sprint or even a marathon, Greg says it’s something more.

“Life is a relay marathon where you hand it off to the next generation.”

Are you living a life that is a good example you those under your leadership and protection? Ask God to help you see the areas in your life that could use improvement as you strive to develop into a Christ-like example for others.

Highlight: Does your life have rhythm?

Finding rhythm in your life

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