Now it made more sense.

As Stacey Thureen digested the reality of what her doctor was telling her, she had an autoimmune disorder of her thyroid, she understood the unexplained symptoms she had been grappling with for years.

As with any diagnosis, Stacey was facing fear and anxiety. She discovered the importance of prayer when dealing with a chronic condition. She writes more about that in her post, How to pray this year for those with a chronic condition.

Stacey soon discovered that, although there were many challenges that came with this territory, God was opening doors she may not have been able to walk through otherwise.

“So when I was going through that whole diagnosis, at the same time I had been doing some freelance producing for a health and lifestyle television show in the Boston area. Here I was talking about health and lifestyle on a television show, talking about my own diagnosis.  So I pitched the idea about doing a thyroid segment and we moved forward with that.”

As a part of her research for the show, she was able to meet and talk with many others who were grappling with autoimmune conditions. She soon discovered that – though many of them were more than willing to talk with her – very few wanted to get in front of the camera.

“And then when I go to ask, ‘So would you be interested in talking on camera?’ ‘No.'” 

It became clear fairly quickly that Stacey was uniquely positioned to tell her own story.

“Through that segment I was able to scratch the surface of sharing my faith. And since then I have become more serious about sharing my faith and even more serious after walking through a diagnosis.”

This adventure has had a lot to teach her.

“You walk through all of that and you realize – life is very shortMore and more, especially as I remain in God’s word, it’s the message of Christ that is ultimately life giving and life saving.”

Highlight: Making the Turn

On the Road with Stacey Thureen

Stacey will be a guest speaker at the Set Apart Woman’s Conference in March 2016.

2 Responses to "A diagnosis and a new path to share hope"

  • Barb Best says:

    I enjoyed listening to your interview with Stacey Thureen. From her blog and My Faith Radio contributions I have gained insight in to my own autoimmune disorder and that of a family member. God has used Stacey’s experience to reveal my lack of compassion, repent of this sin, and grow in compassion. Thank you for featuring her on your show.

    1. Stacey Thureen says:

      Thank you Barb for listening and for your support. Your transparency is inspiring! Blessings to you! 🙂

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