To reach non-believers with the love of Jesus Christ, we need to follow the biblical model. Instead of approaching others with a predetermined agenda of the top reasons why they should become a Christian, Becky Pippert encourages us to ask more questions about their personal beliefs as the biblical model teaches us to do.

“One of the things you see in the Bible is God asks questions and He tells stories. What do we do? We tend to preach sermons and give answers.”

When we ask questions we are building a foundation for an authentic relationship, from there we can point others to the love, grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

“Non-Christians need people who aren’t going to be easily offended and that can demonstrate grace when they have so many questions.”

Becky elaborates on the importance of asking for God’s help in building authentic relationships and answering tough questions.

“We need to establish relationships. Asking questions and eventually as you find out where they are we need to say, ‘If there was a God and you could ask Him one question, what would it be? What is it about Christianity that doesn’t make sense? What would need to happen for you to be convinced that it could be true?”

If there are any questions that we don’t have the answers for, we need to point them to the Bible for clarification.

“What we need to do is say, ‘You know what, your questions are really good, but I have the impression that you’ve never actually read the Bible as an adult. Have you ever read one of the actual biographies of Jesus’ life? How can you make an intelligent decision if you never actually read what He wrote?’

To take it a step further, Becky encourages us to read Scriptures alongside our non-believing family members, co-workers or friends.

“‘Say, ‘What would you think if we got together? You don’t have to believe in the Bible, you don’t have to believe in Jesus, you don’t have to believe God, etc., all I’m saying for the sake of intellectual integrity, at least find out what Jesus was like; let’s do it once.’  Why is this so powerful? Because Jesus is irresistible.”

The Word of God itself will draw the wayward heart in, but we need to do our part by following the biblical model for evangelism.   

Becky Pippert, author, evangelist, international conference speaker and the founder of Becky Pippert Ministries– a global evangelism ministry. She is the author of eleven books including   and the recently released Empowered: Equipping Everyone for Relational Evangelism course — that motivates and equips ordinary Christians to share Christ in everyday life.

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