How important is your happiness?  Divorce is on the rise as more and more couples decide that their unhappiness in marriage is reason enough to separate.  Author KJ Nally explains how God’s vision for marriage is about much more than our happiness.

“The court system normally defines these cases that end in divorce as being caused by irreconcilable differences; basically, we weren’t happy in our marriage so we needed a change.”

Many couples believe that the purpose of marriage is to make them happy, and when their spouse fails to do so, they begin to think it might be time to move on, but is it?

According to KJ, when people get divorced because of unhappiness, they fall prey to one fundamental lie of the enemy.

“The fear is that we believe this lie that God is after our happiness at all costs. But the truth is that as we look at suffering in life, as we look at a Christian who is unhappily married, why would divorce then become the option if it is a season of suffering that God has allowed them to endure.”

Too often, couples are not willing align with a Biblical definition of marriage; they aren’t willing to die to self in order to serve their spouse. They aren’t willing to care more about their spouses needs and less about their own. When this happens, couples encounter these “irreconcilable differences” that propel them down the dark alley of divorce.

Is there any hope?

Divorce may be a wise choice in some cases of abuse or infidelity, however, God ultimately wants couples to stay together.

“We know that God is a God of reconciliation and that in His power, He is capable of bringing these broken marriages to unity again.”

Highlight: Are you unhappily married?

Is marriage all about happiness?

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