What does it take to live a life of significance? It requires intentionality.

“Most people don’t write their story, they read it.”

According to author John Maxwell, our lives are before us and we get to choose how we want to respond. In other words, are you living your life or is your life living you?

“Intentional living causes us to now begin to understand that we can lead our life not just accept our life.”

When John was at his second church, his assistant gave him a book titled The Greatest Story Ever Told. He excitedly opened it but found all of the pages blank.

“She wrote on the first page, ‘your life is before you, you fill these pages with good acts, kind words, matters of your heart, add value to people, and live a life of significance.’

It dawned on John that he could live his life instead of it living him.

“I can be the author of my story.”

Each of us can be the author of our stories. According to John, most people don’t write their story, they read it.

“They’ve been passive, they’ve been unintentional, and so I’m passionate because all my life I’ve tried to help people.”

The line between writing our story and reading our story is subtle but crucial.

“I realized if I could just tweak them, and get them to go from unintentional to intentional. From good intentions, which are worthless, to good action. The bridge between good intentions and good action is intentional living.”

Highlight: Are you living intentionally?

What does it mean to live intentionally?

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