How do you find hope in your life?

Andrew Peterson, Christian singer-songwriter discuss the hope-dispensing aspirations of his musical career. His songs, though abounding in hope, came from a time that he compares to the end of winter in Nashville –  a muddy dreary season.

“I was in a season that felt like the mud season in my personal life. I couldn’t figure out what God was doing with me. I didn’t understand why things felt so turned upside down. I was writing in that place.”

God worked through Andrew and that season of darkness and questioning to create an album that was filled with joy and hope.

“It sounds like that turn right at the end of spring when you start to see the daffodils come up out of the ground.”

The more vulnerable Andrew was through his music, the more impactful the music became.

“The more specific you can be about your own sin, your own struggle, and your own hope, the broader the reach.”

When he made songs personal and specific they had a greater potential to reach a larger group of people.

“It’s the incarnation, it’s like God going, I used to be this distant idea, theological concept and suddenly he puts on flesh and bone and dwells among us.”

Honesty is the key to connection in all aspects of life and that doesn’t change in writing music.

As humans, we have a yearning and longing for true connection. We long to know that there is hope and when we share how God has helped us to overcome our struggles, without sugar-coating the pain we endure, we can provide hope to people in need.

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