Highlight: Airglow

When you begin listening to the tracks on Airglow, the debut album of recording artist Joe Nyquist, you can’t help but think of the word soundscape because listening to this album is a visual experience.

“I was very surprised to find that word when I was just kind of looking for what I wanted to call this album.”

Joe shares how the album title, Airglow, reflects this visual nature as well as the truth of God’s presence in darkness.

“I felt kind of that same way, it had a very visual type of sound to it. When I came across this word airglow. It’s actually this scientific term for radiation in the upper atmosphere that causes things to never actually be completely dark. But there’s this glowing mist to the air where we never experience true darkness, unless we’re in like some sort of cave.”

“If you’re out just in the night sky, you see this kind of glow to the air, and that’s what airglow is.”

Even in the darkest times, God is always present. Joe reflects on how he experienced God’s light in the midst personal darkness

“I started writing Airglow at a very dark time in my life but there was something in me that was just still glowing, that was still alive. That was still burning with this light. I think that was God’s presence in my life, helping carry me through the dark.”

Though it may seem dark in your life God is always a source of hope and light.

Joe Nyquist is a recording artist from Minnesota’s Twin Cities. His debut album, Airglow, is available now!

On the Road with Joe Nyquist

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