Highlight - 32 years in recovery

Co-host George Fraser is celebrating 32 years in recovery. He reflects on the power of God in his recovery.

 “I look back on my story and I didn’t have anything to do with this. When you come to believe that a Power greater than yourself can restore you to sanity, that’s the Holy Spirit giving you that because your best thinking got you in here, you’re not going to come up with that.”

Even after 32 years of sobriety, George is still quick to point out that it’s not about him.

“The call on my life is to have people hear that Jesus did this.”

“I am the worst addict I ever met and the reason I’m a Christian is because I’m a mess. I need a Savior and I can’t think of anybody who needs a Savior more than I do, but what I will tell you as I did not waste my life because of what God did for me.”

“You might meet some bad people but we don’t have a bad God. We have a God who loves us more than anything we can imagine and if you could ever get your hands around how much he loves you… I look at my life – It’s a miracle. Not me, but God.”

What are your next steps? Sometimes God uses unusual and surprising circumstances to reveal His plan for our lives.  George shares the surprising way God made his next steps clear.

“I’m paddle boarding, which I’ve done twice in my life, at Excelsior beach in Minneapolis and this lady and her husband are looking at me so I go over there say, ‘Do you want to try this?’”

She says to me, ‘You’re the guy…you’re George from Real Recovery! I listen to the show every week and so does my husband.’”

Her husband comes over and he says, ‘It’s a sign from God! I’ve been looking for a sign from God about whether I should get into recovery again and to run into a guy who has a recovery show at the beach, that’s the sign from God.’”

George has asking God for a sign regarding a new project.

“I’m thinking. I’m looking for a sign from God to do this project. So that’s what we’re doing now – putting together a book about the Biblical origins of the 12 steps.”

32 years in recovery

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