Are you living with an endless to-do list?

Glynnis Whitwer of Proverbs 31 Ministries shares how we can drive our schedules, instead of letting them drive us.

Glynnis says there are several questions we should ask to help set our priorities straight.

What can only I do?

We can’t do everything on our own, we need to learn to let things go sometimes. One way to avoid becoming overwhelmed by your to-do list is to focus on the aspects of your life that only you can accomplish.

“No one else can develop my faith for me.”

God has given us resources and people to help us develop our faith. However, no one can cultivate our faith for us. We have to take ownership.

“I am my husband’s only wife and I am my children’s only mother.”

Those who are in a marriage relationship have the responsibility of putting their spouse’s needs before the needs of anyone else. Our priorities are misplaced if we accomplish other tasks but fail to fulfill our duties as husband or wife.

“Those are my central priorities in life because I’m the only one who can make those things happen.”

What am I doing with what I already have?

God has given everyone special gifts and abilities. However, Christians often say that they would be able to serve God better if God would just give them more to work with. The truth is, God has given each of us adequate resources to serve him. He is waiting to see what we do with what He has given us before we receive more.

“God is always looking to see what we are doing with what he has already entrusted to us.”

How well am I doing in what I already do?

“Before I jump to things that are more exciting, I have to ask myself how I’m doing in things that God has already given me.”

We must learn to fertilize the grass under our feet and not always wish for more. We must trust that God has given us enough to serve Him and ask Him to show us how to do it.

Key scripture: James 1:5-8

Featured songs: Grace Wins by Matthew West; I Am Not Alone by Kari Jobe; Impossible by Building 429

Highlight: What should my priorities be?

Taming your to-do list

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