There is no “one-size-fits-all” model for mothering a child. So why do most moms struggle with feeling like they are doing something wrong? Listen as Jo talks with Melinda Means and Kathy Helgemo, authors of  . They provide practical tips, grace and wisdom for common mothering experiences. Discover how to embrace your unique parenting style with biblical truth and confidence.

In a world that is increasingly difficult to raise children, moms tend to feel overwhelmed with common challenges and experiences during seasons of motherhood. Melinda and Kathy explain that they especially struggle with feelings of inadequacy and isolation. They often times resist asking for help and reaching out to others, carrying all of the burdens alone. Having the ‘mom approach’ is what Melinda and Kathy explain as a helpful solution for handling challenges, together.

“I had to admit to God…I can’t do this on my own”

Whether you have a child of your own or not, everyone has the opportunity to better understand the impact a mother has in their child’s life, both positive and negative effects. Most parenting styles are embraced from previous generations, revealing the values and traditions that were instilled at a very young age. They explain the importance of focusing on the positive attributes from our mother’s and not focusing on their mistakes. There is no perfect parent and every family is uniquely designed to embrace God’s purpose and plan. So what exactly is behind the guilt and shame many parents have experienced?

“Anything that our kids are struggling with is tied directly back to something we did or didn’t do”

Melinda and Kathy explain how this mentality is not a part of God’s intent for motherhood. Instead, having a teachable heart and a willingness to surrender, opens the door for God to work in the lives of our children and families; changing the way we perceive parenting altogether. Lamentations 3:23 reminds us that God’s mercies are new every morning and parents need to hear this message as a promise that He is with you no matter what struggle you are facing and how long it seems to last;

“Every morning we need to start from scratch”

Mothering from scratch doesn’t mean taking on every responsibility in hopes of becoming Super Mom. Moreover, it means trusting your motherly instincts and embracing your God-given uniqueness. Their advice is to trust in Him at all times to provide exactly what you need and stay connected with the people He has placed directly in your life for such a time as this.

What about my dreams? Melinda and Kathy point out that just because you have kids, doesn’t mean you should stop dreaming for yourself. In fact, they are giving you full permission to dream and dream big!

“He can open up doors that you never knew possible, and make up for time that you think was lost”

God has appointed you as a parent and has not forgotten about the desires He placed into your heart. At the proper time, you will reap a harvest of blessings if you don’t give up –Galatians 6:9.

Trusting your motherly instincts

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