Our journeys to trusting in our faith can look very different. For some of us, it’s a legacy passed down through generations. And for many, there comes a point when we need to decide if that’s a faith we’ll make our own.

In our latest edition of On the Road, we meet a man who found himself questioning why he believed what he believed. Yet as he began to drift from his faith, believers in his life encouraged him to give faith a fighting chance. So Dr. Don Bierle decided to sift through the scientific and logical evidence for himself – and was surprised to discover that the truth of Christianity holds up to the most difficult questions we can pose!

Don is now the president of FaithSearch International and holds masters and doctorate degrees in the life sciences and a masters in New Testament studies. As an educator and academic dean, he’s been active for thirty years teaching biology, Bible, and worldview subjects in the college classroom. He’s published several articles in scientific journals, and is the author of Surprised by Faith. Here’s where the story takes us:

Dr. Bierle grew up in a farming community in South Dakota, attending a one room schoolhouse. He was intellectually curious from the start, and explains how he kept finding himself asking “why”.

As he went off to school, Don struggled to square many of the scientific teachings he was encountering – particularly macro-evolution – with the faith he’d grown up with. As he tells it, he knew there had to be a God, but things just weren’t fitting together intellectually.

Don started drifting from faith, but it’s at this point the story takes a turn. Unlike so many who encounter a time like this at college and leave Christianity, he had people in his life with strong faith who kept after him to give faith another chance. So Dr. Bierle set out on a quest to find the truth and answer the questions for himself. It’s the questions he asked, the answers he found, and a revitalizing look at how God reaches us where we are on this latest trip On the Road.

Highlight: Doubt

Surprised by faith

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