It’s one of the most enduring stories of all time, yet the majority of the world’s academics and scholars tell us that the biblical Exodus never happened. Now, startling new evidence from archaeology and history makes a compelling case that it did.

Dr. David Rohl has been amusingly described as making Indiana Jones look unambitious. He’s a renowned Egyptologist, historian, television presenter & best selling author. And his decades of dedicated research into the history of the ancient world have unearthed provocative findings. David’s new book –  – hones in on some of these stunning archaeological discoveries, and explains how they build the case for a historical Exodus.

So what does Dr. Rohl say when he’s asked if the Old Testament can be trusted as a historical record?

It’s reliable not only in a general sense but also in a specific sense as well.

We have a general scheme that you can look at – the overall arching storyline which is of course about the Israelites arriving in Egypt in the time of the great famine. Jacob arriving and Joseph having arrived before that.  The entire tribal system developing and sojourning in Egypt and expanding and multiplying.  Then the slavery.  Then the exodus out of Egypt & the conquest of the promised land. And then of course we have the judges period.  And then the United Monarchy.  All that is a sequence in the general scheme of things.

But not only do we have a chronology and an overarching way to understand the story, we have specific discoveries that confirm key parts of that story.

Because we knew what the land of Goshen was – that’s the part of the eastern delta of Egypt where the Israelites sojourned for those so many centuries. Because we knew exactly where that was and we could find the city location where they’re supposed to have lived, we were actually able to dig right down to the beginning of that city when it first became a village of about two ten or twelve houses.  And at the center of that village we found a palace – which was a palace belonging to a Semite, an Asiatic person from Canaan.

Discovered inside the palace was something incredible.

And in the garden of that particular palace, there was a pyramid tomb. And the pyramid tomb had a statue in it twice life size of an Asiatic person with yellow skin and red hair.  And this guy was wearing a multicolored coat.  When we dug into the tomb, and we got down into the burial chamber of the tomb – we found the burial chamber completely empty.

Now that fits the story of Joseph to a T. Because – as you know –  Joseph was the vizier of Egypt.  He’s famous for his multicolored coat. He was buried in Egypt. He was the highest ranking official in the land, so he’d have a palace in Goshen.  And we find his tomb and we find it empty. And – of course – Joseph asked his brethren that when they left Egypt after he was dead that they would take his body out of Egypt and take it to the promised land, and he was buried at Shechem in northern Israel.

So all that fits exactly. The archaeology fits exactly with the story of Joseph. It’s so specific in this particular case that it convinces me. The biblical story of Joseph and The Exodus is true.

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