We are evangelists for many things: our favorite restaurants, vacation spots, and the accomplishments of our kids to name just a few. But when it comes to talking about Jesus, we can feel anxious and awkward.

Beau Crosetto, staff leader with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, has learned how to push through the resistance and share the gospel. On this latest Connecting Faith, he shares practical and hopeful encouragement from his new book .

Beau is the creator of the blog: Release the Ape and has his Masters in Evangelism & Leadership from Wheaton College. He currently works with InterVarsity in Los Angeles – specifically reaching fraternity and sorority students on the 17 campuses that have Greek Systems.

Despite our trepidation, Beau shares his belief that many people are actually waiting to have spiritual conversations. They are often far more willing to engage than we could imagine! In fact, Beau’s own life is a testament to that – as a freshman in college a friend of his in the weight room asked him if he’d be interested in going to church, and if he’d be interested in God. Beau was open to it, and the invitation changed his life forever.

People who aren’t Christians often feel like it’s awkward to seek out a Christian to ask questions about & explore faith, yet – on the other hand – we as Christians feel awkward seeking out nonbelievers and sharing our faith. It’s not about having all of the answers or having a seamless presentation at the ready. It’s about being real and genuine and having a conversation. Nonbelievers don’t want to be preached at, but many are willing – and sometimes even eager – to listen and to ask questions if a friend brings it up in conversation.

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