Why is a spiritual connection with your spouse so powerful? What aspects of your relationship are affected if you don’t share the same Christian worldview? Listen as Dr. Greg Smalley of Focus on the Family returns to the program to talk about the spiritual component of a marriage.

Susie and Greg unpack

• How Greg and Erin set out with unrealistic expectations in their marriage

• What spiritual leadership looks like, and why it varies from couple to couple

• Why it’s important to “guard the spirit of marriage”

• The definition of spiritual intimacy – “We are human beings, not human doings. What I had to learn was that spiritual intimacy with my wife was going to happen because it was part of who we were.”

Greg shares a story of his father taking him by the face during a moment of deep insecurity and saying,

“You are one of the most spiritually alive men that I know. Greg, when I look at you, I see a man who loves his wife dearly. Who serves sacrificially, who provides for them financially, who protects them against spiritual attack, against anything. I see a man who is involved as a dad, who asks for forgiveness, who loves on his daughter… that’s being a spiritual leader. It’s not only about reading the Bible and memorizing verses together. It’s all of that.”

Greg recommends that couples sit down and go through  by Gary Thomas to help them understand how they each connect with God.

Greg offers these final thoughts on spiritual intimacy – marriage is a team sport.

“You need a team around you who encourage your marriage – it’s one of the most powerful things Erin and I do together. We’re part of a small group – if we don’t have that, we’re at risk. Satan goes after those who are isolated.”

Key Scriptures: Malachi 2:15

Featured Songs: Just a Closer Walk with Thee by MercyMe; Have a Little Talk with Jesus by MercyMe; Precious Lord by MercyMe

Highlight : Greg’s lightbulb moment

How to stay spiritually yoked

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