“Without doubt, there’s no place for faith. And that’s okay.”

Nancy Ortberg knows the power of trusting God in the dark, when you can’t see Him working. What does it mean for us to lean into Him when we can’t see Him?

“Even when it’s dark, the power of His goodness means I will find something good in it. It may not be the good that I wanted. It may not be the good that I think I need. But good is good and good is good enough, and good will get you where you need to be going.”

Sometimes we encounter dark times, and it forces us to confront our fears about God and how we think about Him. If we don’t press in to God, we run the risk of becoming angry or jaded.

Nancy references a time when she was praying for her children.

“I had a little conversation with Him. I was thinking about praying for something in regards to each of my kids. [I told Him] ‘I’m hesitant to pray for them about these specific things because I’m afraid of You, God.’”

Nancy needed to admit her true feelings. What was she afraid of?

“I’m afraid that You won’t give me what I’m asking for. And then I know me; I’m going to get mad at You, and then we’ll just do the dance that we do all the time.”

Nancy admitted surrender and chose to trust God.

“I’m just going to roll the dice. It may not turn out the way I want, but I think underneath what I’m asking for, You know the essence of my heart for my children… And if You have to take me down another road I’ll probably get mad at You, but I’ll go with You.”

Prayer is an act of faith in the midst of darkness. When you’re with someone who is walking in darkness, don’t come to them with clichés. Come to them with prayers and love instead. Nancy has trained herself to listen to others rather than using clichés because of her own seasons of darkness.

“I catch myself doing it now. I have to stop myself and just apologize and say, ‘You know what? I know what I would feel like if I just heard that, and I can’t believe I just said that. I’m really sorry. Let me back up and try to say that again. Or maybe just let me listen.’”

Nancy’s book is .

Key Scriptures: 2 Samuel 22:29

Featured Songs: Glow in the Dark by Jason Gray; Cast My Cares by Finding Favour; Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols

Highlight : Walking with others in the dark

Seeing in the dark

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  • Tracy J says:

    Susie! Great show today with Nancy Ortberg! You are such a breath of fresh air and I am so uplifted when I listen to your program. Praying for you! And going to forward this on to my friends who I know will be encouraged by it. 🙂

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