What does it take to keep your marriage relationship fresh? Listen as Bill and Pam Farrel return to tackle connection and intimacy in marriage using their book, Red-Hot Monogamy: Making Your Marriage Sizzle.

Bill first offers his thoughts on why books like 50 Shades of Grey are becoming so popular, even for women within the church.

“At the heart of men and women is to have a passionate relationship. If we can gain God’s perspective so we can have a lifelong passionate relationship, it will sustain forever.”

God designed us to have a deep loving relationship within marriage; there are certain biblical principles we can build into marriage to bring that about.

• Respect – express appreciation for your spouse through acts of love

• Social intimacy – being close to each other in public places

• Love languages – learn how your spouse feels loved, and train yourself to speak his or her language

• Adolescent love – see each other as “boyfriend and girlfriend” to maintain that youthful joy in the marriage

Bill shares how God wired a man to respond to his wife. “There are two things that a man deep down hopes his wife accepts – the strength of his ego and a love for the frequency of sexual interaction.”

Pam agrees. “We tell those who are even looking toward marriage that if you give a man your body, he will give you his heart. If you give a woman your heart, she will tend to give you her body.” Within a loving, patient, covenant marriage, this dynamic plays out in a way for both spouses to be satisfied.

Key Scriptures: Song of Solomon 3:4; Proverbs 31:10-11

Featured Songs: I’ll Take Care of You by Steven Curtis Chapman; We Will Dance by Steven Curtis Chapman; Center of It by Chris August

Highlight : How men and women view sex

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