When going through the recovery process it can be easy to shrug off its importance, being satisfied with an “okay” recovery without giving it much thought. But we need to remember that when it comes to recovery it’s a life or death situation.

Bill Arnold and George Fraser both work with recovering addicts and through the years they’ve encountered how tragic the road can end for some people. With each loss they are reminded of the weight and power of addiction.

“We lost seven guys in the last couple years where we do volunteer work, and it’s shocking to me every time somebody dies. I guess there’s that built in delusion or denial for me, even though I’ve been around a while that ‘Oh, that doesn’t happen.’ It does happen, and it happens a lot…”

It can be hard to overcome addictions and find peace in this life, but it is possible. Finding Jesus can turn our lives around today, much like it did for the apostles in the past. Bill likes to look at the life of Paul for inspiration, as he shows the evolution of a believer throughout his life.

“When Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15 that he considered himself the least of the Apostles, one who is not even worthy to be called an apostle.

A couple years later, in Ephesians 3, he says ‘I am less than the least of the Lord’s people.’

Later in his life, in 1 Timothy 1:10, he says ‘OK, here’s a trustworthy saying: Christ came into the world to save sinners of whom I am the worst’ and you look at how he started off having a little bit a game to the end of his life when he was saying I’m the worst of sinners.”

In many addict’s testimonies we can see an exaggeration of Paul’s evolution; that in the beginning there is a lot of arrogance, pride, and a feeling of entitlement, but as they grow in their faith with Christ they start to see less of themselves and more of Him, which ultimately leads to a place of surrender and service.

“The whole transition of seeing less of you and more of Him is the goal of of any person mentoring someone who’s struggling with an addiction.”

The purpose of the twelve step program is to bring you closer to God, and that is where recovery comes from it’s not a human effort, but rather it’s a journey that God can help you through.

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