At any given moment in these United States, there’s a young person picking up a guitar, strumming out their newest composition, and dreaming of someday making music for a living. For most of us, we know that dream will remain just a dream. But in our latest trek On the Road, we meet a Nashville native for whom it’s become a reality, as we get a glimpse behind the faith journey and the music of Brandon Heath.

You very likely recognize Brandon from his great songs like “I’m not who I was”, “Jesus in Disguise”, and “Give me your eyes”. His latest effort was released just last month, and it’s called “No Turning Back”. Here’s where this refreshing conversation takes us. If you’d like to skip to the full chat, you can just head to the bottom of this post. Otherwise, here’s some brief highlights right off the top:

We go behind his latest album “No Turning Back”. What’s the story behind the title track? Where did that message come from & why is it one he wanted to deliver?

Highlight: No Turning Back

I couldn’t help but pick up the Tolkien-esque phrasing in the song:

“Though I may wander, I am not lost.”

Brandon talks about the special meaning that phrase has for him.

Highlight: Though I may wander

Brandon’s path to his career started at age 13. He explains how a Christmas gift of a guitar changed his life.

Highlight: His first guitar

So many teenagers begin strumming a guitar – in much the same way Brandon did – and start dreaming of a musical career. He paints the picture of the journey that made his dream a reality, and also offers some heartening advice to aspiring musicians.

Highlight: On making it

The story-telling quality of Brandon’s music is well known to his fans, but how did he come to it? He points to some of his big influences – genres and bands that helped to shape his style. Included at the top of his list is an especially familiar name – Jars of Clay.

Highlight: Jars of Clay

And now here’s our full interview with the noble Brandon Heath. There’s much more refreshing conversation – including the story of how he first came to Jesus at a Canadian camp, the story of how God spoke into his life on an unforgettable day in India, and yet more!

On the Road with Brandon Heath

This episode originally aired on March 21st, 2015.