“It was one of the most freeing things in my recovery after my massive burnout… I realized that I hadn’t been able to extend myself permission [to slow down]. God mandates a Sabbath rest. He talks about getting alone with Him.”

Author Vicki Courtney points out that even the Son of God, Jesus Himself, practiced this. After having a busy day of healing and casting out demons, He got away alone to pray.

“He could have stuck around and continued to heal people… But it was interesting because He didn’t fulfill what their requests were.”

Knowing His mission and calling from the Father, Jesus moved to the next town with full awareness that He was disappointing many people. Vicki says this illustrates two strong points. She explores them in her book,  .

• Even Jesus knew how to have boundaries.

• It’s okay for me to say no. “I could meet all the needs, but I’m not called to meet all these needs.”

Martha and Mary demonstrate this well.

“Jesus is a very important house guest in their home. Martha was distracted with much -serving while Mary had found the one thing needed – she was sitting at the Lord’s feet and listening.”

God continues to remind Vicki of that passage because she has self-admitted Martha tendencies. How can we refocus on rest instead of busyness? Vicki says one simple question can redirect her thoughts:

What does it really look like to find the one thing needed?

It starts and ends at Jesus’ feet. Humbly, peacefully, quietly listening to Him and doing the next thing He calls us to do.

“It may be serving on the committee at church.

It may be stepping away from a well-paying job to care for your children.

It may be spending an extended season in prayer and solitude.”

But if it’s found at the feet of Jesus, it’s the best thing to do. It is, in Vicki’s words, “the good portion.”

Key Scriptures: Matthew 11:28-30

Featured Songs: You’re Here by Francesca Battestelli; Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song) by Amy Grant; Grown Up Christmas List by Amy Grant

Highlight : As busy as Jesus?

Rest for the weary

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