Each day brings opportunities for joy, laughter, and growing in faith. It can also bring opportunities for insecurity, competition, and trying to please everyone else. Listen as Susie is joined by Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory to talk about rejecting perfectionism.

Cheri shares what happened in her life and how God shifted her perspective from perfection to grace.

“The biggest change has been in how I relate to [my husband and children]. When I was in the grip of perfectionism I was being incredibly judgmental of them. I would withdraw and withhold my love from them because of their behavior. It broke my heart – the biggest change is saying ‘I’m disappointed, but I still love you.'”

Cheri and Kathi unpack several aspects of perfectionism:

• If you can’t do something perfectly, you won’t attempt it at all (procrastination).

• If you’re afraid to let others down, you will keep yourself guarded (people-pleasing).

• We often use structure and logistics to cover our own sense of inadequacy (performancism).

• Many of us have been programmed or set up to live in a state of perfectionism because of our background and upbringing.

• Self-talk is a powerful tool that can draw us to God or pull us away from Him.

• Rejecting perfectionism starts with letting people see your mess and love you anyway.

Cheri offers a last word – the fruit of your life and habits will reflect the posture of your heart.

“When I am working for what God has called me to do, there should be an increase of love in how I’m treating the people in my life.”

Cheri and Kathi’s book is  .

Key Scriptures: Joshua 1:9; John 14:27

Featured Songs: You Are For Me by Kari Jobe; Oxygen by Lincoln Brewster; Flawless by MercyMe

Highlight : How perfectionism manifests

Rejecting the “perfect” life

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