A man struck dumb. A woman who is past the years of childbearing. When we feel God has forgotten us, there are a few steps we can take to change our perspective.

Liz Curtis Higgs shares more abut the New Testament account of Elizabeth, Zechariah, and an angel named Gabriel in her book  .

“Though disappointed and quietly suffering, Elizabeth held on to God’s promises and clung to the fact that she was God’s daughter, all the while waiting, praying, and listening.”

Learning to be patient and wait on God’s timing is a difficult aspect of Christianity. The patience and self-control exhibited by Elizabeth as she waited for God to bless her with a child was second to none.

“She waited, she prayed, she listened. Not to her neighbors, she listened to the Lord.”

When we are in the midst of a waiting season, it is important to listen for the voice of God before anyone else. Others might be whispering, wondering why God isn’t blessing us, what we’ve done to make Him angry. We can train ourselves to tune them out and remember God’s faithfulness instead.

“This requires us to not lean on our own strengths or abilities, but to throw all that aside and say ‘Okay Lord, I’m going to stand on Your promises.’”

Liz constantly reminds herself that she is a daughter of God and that He will help her to bear the fruit of the Spirit.

“This is who He really is and He enables us to stand back waiting, praying, and listening rather than demanding, insisting, and talking.”

Today, ask God to give you an abundance of patience as you expectantly wait for Him to move in your life. Trust that He has a plan for you, standing on His promises each day.

Key Scriptures: Luke 1:25; Luke 1:5-25; Proverbs 9:10

Featured Songs: Not For a Moment by Meredith Andrews; Oceans by Hillsong United; Touch the Sky by Hillsong United

Highlight : Wait, pray, and listen

Redemption stories: Elizabeth and Zechariah

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