“How do I get by in the real world? How do I function? How do I keep a job? How do I provide for my family?”

These are the questions that Robyn helps women who are coming out of addiction and trafficking answer.

“Most women that have been in human trafficking…It starts out at a really young age where they were usually sexually abused by someone really close to them. Their value becomes completely connected to that, and then the drugs start at a really young age also because who wants to be awake for that?”

“They want to survive and they want to be healthy and they want to be happy and the only way we can do it is with Christ, there’s no other way. I just want to share that with all these women. I want to show them that Christ loves you as much as he loves me. And there’s nothing that you’ve done in your past that he’s not going to love you for. I’ve been forgiven. You’ve been forgiven. Move on. It’s time to move on.”

So how does one move on?

“One of the things that I stress to the people that I work with is: You need to be an active participant your own rescue. So, walk through the process, take the time, and be an active participant your own rescue.”

George puts his own spin on things:

“You have to be an active participant in your own recovery. One of the things that we really struggle with is when we sit around and we’re in our head in. The best way to do (combat) that is to get busy, get active – it’s a program of action and Christianity is not a belief system it’s a belief system that’s followed up by action and obedience.

Highlight – Putting faith into action

Putting faith into action

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