On this edition of The Exchange, Kevin Smith discusses the importance and purpose of preaching. Kevin Smith is the teaching pastor at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

“The interaction between the Word of God and the Spirit of God is how God forms and shapes his people.”

Preaching is intended to instruct and encourage Christians to live intentionally for Christ.

What is the best way to preach?

Verse by verse exegesis of a specific book of the Bible is one of the most common formats for preaching, and topical messages are also prevalent. There is no one biblical format for preaching. However, all preaching should be driven by the Word of God. It is important that a pastor allows the Word of God to dictate the nature of the sermon.

There are a variety of different styles found in the books of the Bible. Therefore, different styles of sermons can be appropriate to teach the word of God effectively depending on the setting and audience.

“The text of scripture determines the structure of the sermon.”

What if I’m not a preacher?

Congregation members should search the Scripture to see if what is being presented is actually correct. Don’t just assume what a pastor is preaching is true to Scripture. Seek to affirm your pastor through Scripture, it’s ok to question. Reading Scripture for yourself to affirm what is being preached will only further learning.

Scripture doesn’t have to be difficult to comprehend. The common people should be able to understand the Scripture and should also be able to understand the preaching of a pastor.

The Holy Spirit’s presence is necessary for hearts to be changed through preaching. The Holy Spirit is present and active when people are united in the name of Jesus Christ.

“Our foundational unity is in Jesus Christ. I would hope that ethnicity, denomination, generation and age, would not separate us needlessly in ways that hinder the moving of the Holy Spirit.”

Purpose and importance of preaching

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