There are over 2.3 million active and reserve military personnel, and many families praying for their well-being. Find out how we can encourage and pray for our military loved ones fighting for our freedom, as we approach the Fourth of July.

First, Jo talked with Edie Melson about her book  . When Edie’s son was first deployed, she searched for prayers that would express her innermost fears. She couldn’t find any that fit so she began to journal her own prayers based on scriptures and what was pressing on her heart. Melson shared how her family didn’t have a military background so she really had to reach the point of surrender as she realized important truths;

“God, in fact, loved my son more than I ever could and that my son was safe it God’s hands” -Edie Melson

Melson also shared the powerful impact her church community had during some of the hardest times in her life. A thoughtful note, a kind gesture and prayers for her son increased her faith and carried her through her daily struggle with fear. Although she wouldn’t choose that life for her son, Edie mentioned how she wouldn’t change it either. She encourages us to personally pray for all of those who have served our country and those who are currently serving. There are also so many ways to support on a local level that will greatly benefit military personnel and their families.

We also heard a powerful testimony of Dr. W. Lee Warren, author of  Dr. W. Lee Warren shares his life-changing experience as a brain surgeon in Iraq in 2004. He retold his experiences in a tent hospital, how he survived over a hundred mortar attacks and managed to persevere by faith.

“It was really difficult….most of us in the Air Force Medical Corps never thought we’d even be deployed” -Dr. Warren

Sitting in a waiting room as his brother just had a stroke and was in heart surgery, Dr. Warren received a call that would forever change the course of his life, a call to go to war. He served a total of 120 days as a neurosurgeon and recounts traumatic memories from his time spent in Iraq. Not only was his life constantly in danger from the mortar attacks on a daily basis, but protecting others from danger along the way. 20-30 patients at a time would flood through the American Hospital doors from bombings and into the care of Dr. Warren and his team, some of them even associated with terrorism. As difficult as it was to care for dangerous people, the medical team made the decision to treat every patient with equal care;

“It set us free to love and treat the enemy like Jesus would expect us to” -Dr. Warren

The day that changed Dr. Warren’s life was the day he thought he was safe on the base. As bombs were surrounding him, he found himself with no place to hide and landed in a place where he didn’t have a choice but to surrender to God.  He expressed that learning where to hide even when everything is blowing up in your life, you can still survive.

“Life will be difficult but it’s truer that God will be faithful no matter what difficulties you experience” -Dr. Warren

Join us as we pray for the 2.3 million active and reserve personnel and their families on this Independence Day weekend.

More helpful information about Dr. W Lee Warren can be found on his website. Stand together in prayer with Edie Melson and other military family members by supporting your local Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc.

Praying for those protecting us

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