Parenting kids in a screen-driven world

We’ve got the tablet, the phone, the laptop and sometimes the Nintendo or some portable PlayStation device. It’s safe to say our world is saturated with enough screens.

However, those screens — the content they display — keep all of us from important interpersonal relationships if we’re not careful. That’s why the example you, the parent, set with technology is of crucial importance to the kind of person your kid will grow up to be. That’s part of the thesis of author Arlene Pellicane‘s new book she co-wrote with Dr. Gary Chapman, entitled .

She says,

“For sure [technology] is driving people apart. On a day to day basis in most homes in America, technology is segmenting us. We already have very limited time together as a family, even for the homeschooling family.

We’re busy, you’re working, you’re doing these different things, and then when it’s the evening time and you have your time together, mom is looking at her social media, dad’s watching sports, and kids are playing video games.

Everybody is alone in the same house with their little screen. We’ve become so used to being with our screen that when we’re in a car, restaurant, or even vacation, everyone is still segmented. Someone’s gotta say: ‘Wait a minute. Put everything down. Let’s spend time together.’

That used to be much easier to accomplish because these screens weren’t there they weren’t so part of the fabric of our lives.”

Pellicane hopes to inform parents on how to:

•  Equip their children to be relationally rich in a digital world
•  Replace mindless screen time with meaningful family time
•  Establish simple boundaries that make a huge difference
•  Discover what’s working for families that have become screen savvy
•  Learn healthy ways to occupy their children while getting things done

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Arlene Pellicane loves to encourage women and strengthen families through her writing and speaking. Author of 31 Days to a Happy Husband and 31 Days to a Younger You, she believes that anyone can experience positive life change! Readers love Arlene’s upbeat personality and authenticity. Arlene has appeared on national television and radio programs such as The 700 Club and Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. Arlene and her happy husband James live in San Diego with their three children.

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