Many of us are driven by our own desires or pursuits, but how different would our lives look if we were to let Christ take the lead?  

Pastor, teacher and author and president of Proclaim HOPE!David Bryant, shares the are four drivers in our lives: Purpose, Passion, Promise and Person.

We learn about the importance of God’s direction in our lives, along with the mission and heart behind Discover again, or for the first time, His purposes, His leading, and what He’s doing through His people.

In order for us to be purpose driven, passion needs to come first.

“We do need to be purpose driven, but before you could be purpose driven, you first of all need to be passion driven. In other words, there needs to be a passion burning in your heart for the purpose, if you’re ever going to stick it out with a purpose. So you can’t stay purpose driven, unless first of all there’s the fire in the bones; your passion driven.”

In order to be a passion driven Christian, we need to be driven by the promises of God.

“You can’t really be passion driven unless you’re promise driven. That is the passion that grows that my heart is based upon: The promises of God. Some of estimated there are 7,000 separate promise statements in the scriptures. However many there are, the Bible is filled with hope, the Bible is filled with promises, and my only certainty that everything I do in the purpose is going to make a difference, is because I’ve got a promise to back it up.”

“When I see the promise, and I realize how wonderful it is, that I don’t want to live without those promises being fulfilled, that’s what stirs me the passion to then jump into the purpose and be a part of the fulfillment of those promises in something I’m involved in myself.”

To be purpose, passion and promise driven Christians, we need to be person driven.

“Finally, you cannot be a promise driven Christian, unless you’re a person driven Christian of course we’re talking about the person of Christ.”

We need to see the person who is delivering God’s promises to us in order to develop a passion in our hearts and bring purpose to our lives.

“Paul says in 2 Corinthians 1 that, all of the promises of God are ‘Yes’ to us in Christ Jesus to which we respond, ‘Amen!’  Which is a word that means ‘Let it be done’…or ‘Bring it on’ is the way I say it a modern terms.”

“Every promise that God has made, they’re all fulfilled in Christ, in fact; they all belong to Christ, they’re all about him, they’re all meant to exalt him when they’re finished. So when I see the person in whom are embodied all the promises and I’m driven by my love and desire to be completely involved with him, then that’s what ignites a new kind of fire in my bones that gets me into the purpose and keeps me in the purpose until the work is done.”

David explains that often times we find ourselves embracing this process backwards, driven by our purpose or passions first, without the foundation of where those driving forces came from. We need to learn who Jesus is and invite Him to be the constant driver in our lives.

“It’s not that we can’t be and shouldn’t be purpose driven, but so many of us start at that end and then things sort of fade out after a while; we give up, we despair. That’s because we started at the wrong end and we need to go back and get a new vision of who Christ is now and become wrapped up in him, and then the rest of it will follow quite naturally.”

Highlight: What are you driven by?

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