Even the wisest of men can become a fool in love… Listen as radio host Chris Fabry joins us to talk about his book inspired by the new movie, .

In the story, Jed King (the “Solomon” character) is a struggling musician who falls for a young woman named Rose Jordan. As they fall in love and marry, Jed’s music career takes off and they face several challenges. Chris explains. “He thinks that fame and fortune are everything he’s looking for… He exceeds his own expectations. But there are cracks and fissures in his dream… little slivers of himself, compromises that he makes.”

Chris comments on the importance of understanding where you’ve come from and the legacy you’re leaving behind.”Jed’s father makes this really bad choice in his life, and he has this fall from grace. Jed comes along and before his dad dies, the mantle is passed to Jed and you see this musical gift come alive in him.” Jed spends the rest of the movie trying to outrun his father’s legacy and pattern of life.

In a culture that places sexual chemistry above every other kind of love, The Song is a story that is well-timed. “We need to tell this story, especially with the 5o Shades of Grey thing that distorts love.”

Chris offers these takeaways:

• Recognize the pattern you’re setting for your family line.

• Set boundaries and hedges around your marriage and family.

• Train yourself to recognize the tactics of our enemy.

• Trust the sovereignty of God in your life and ask Him to show you His glory.

• Learn to say no to things that will steal your joy and tempt you away from God.

Key Scriptures: Proverbs 22:29; Song of Solomon

Featured Songs: Dear Younger Me by MercyMe

Highlight : Setting boundaries when you have a large platform

Novel talk: The song