How can God intervene in the life of a single mother? Listen to Susie’s powerful conversation with Max Lucado about his new novel and the power of God to answer our prayers.

“I believe this planet is populated by heavenly beings. I believe they are here to minister to God’s children, run interference for us, protect us… I don’t know when I’ve met an angel but I’m absolutely confident I have. The big thing to remember is that God has created these angelic beings who enter our world, sometimes in human form. There must be some way in which they can appear human.”

Max says, contrary to pop culture’s ideas, angels wouldn’t seem cute and cuddly if we saw them face to face. “Many” and “mighty” are two words we can apply to these powerful spiritual beings.

“There really are battles that take place between angels and satanic forces. We really can take assurance that angels are near and are sent by God to minister to us.”

Susie and Max unpack

• What it means to choose to believe the truth instead of being driven by negative thoughts.

• How God answers prayer.

• The power of community in healing a person’s heart.

• Susie’s own experience of divine protection during a missions trip.

• The shift that happens in the heavenly places when one person comes to faith.

• How prayers continue to be used by God for decades after they are spoken.

“The prayer of faith is that God will do what is right, not necessarily what I want Him to do. Just like a good Father, He knows the best way to answer the prayer. We invite Him to do wonderful things, but at the end of the day, we say ‘Lord, not what I will, but what You want.'”

Max’s novel is .

Key Scriptures: Hebrews 13:2Philippians 4:6

Theme Song: Strangely Dim by Francesca Battistelli

Highlight : Angels among us

Novel talk: Miracle at the higher grounds cafe

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